If you could redesign your baby registry, what would it look like?

I’ve teamed up with two other lovely collaborators to bring you our reenvisioned registry items for parents. We have not been paid to promote these items; most of these items are either client favorites or founder favorites!

We wanted to take a more parent-centered approach while curating our latest registry lists. These registry lists are not intended to be exhausting; this is a concept that examines the focus of the traditional baby registry and aims to promote parental wellness. While we love all of the beautiful baby clothing & baby supplies, we also like incorporating items that allow birthing families to feel supported and comforted during this transformational time.

A few questions to consider while cultivating these registry items:

1. How does this nurture the new parent?
2. Does the item bring the new parent comfort?
3. Is the item reusable? Can you share the item with another new parent?
4. Does the item nourish the new parent?
5. Are there items included for single-parent households as well as dual-parent households?
6. Do any of these items help to conserve energy/time for new parents?
7. If a paperback book is listed: is an audiobook offered as an alternative?
8. Does the item provide useful information to the new parent?

We love and support babies & birthing families. We would love to see your registry examples! Screenshot the attachment and tag


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@latchontohealth to share!

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