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All of our classes can be taken anytime, but must be scheduled in advance. Two options: self-paced or in-person with a team member.

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Now more than ever, it’s important that parents get the support they need. Join us for our weekly Postpartum Prep Circle!

This FREE one-hour informative support group is open to pregnant and postpartum people. We’ll discuss how to prepare for the postpartum period and will share community resources, as well as information on how you can best thrive the 4th trimester and beyond!

Already postpartum? Come on out and share your experiences or listen and learn and get some much-needed encouragement.

This is a totally family-friendly event and your loved ones are welcome to come for support. Families will have the opportunity to meet, form bonds, and support each other before and after birth. Mix and mingle, swap tips and stories, and build community. After all, it really does take a village.

Latch onto Health and other guest speakers will be present to provide information, resources, and answer questions.

Free monthly support group

Every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month | 11:00am – 12:00pm (EST)

This is a prenatal fitness and childbirth education fusion class! Each weekly class we’ll discuss various topics: optimal fetal position with movement, ancestral traditions, birth prep, relaxation and strengthening techniques, and ways to support you and others from preconception to postpartum!

People go a class to meet others, learn, get active, have fun and gain confidence wherever they are in their parenthood journey. Class participants like how Christina (the instructor) is also a certified birth/postpartum doula who can help them navigate the many uncertainties that arise during pregnancy and during early parenting.

By moving instinctively, using gravity and positioning to their advantage, people can temporarily enlarge the dimensions of their pelvis for the baby’s passage, help their babies rotate and descend, help reduce unnecessary interventions and enjoy natural pain relief. Studies confirm that this shortens labor, reduces epidural requests, and reduces c-sections (

For Who: People trying to conceive, pregnant and postpartum individuals. Partners welcomed too!

Class Price: $30/Individual or Couple | 6-week class pass: $150

For Who: People trying to conceive, pregnant and postpartum individuals. Partners welcomed too!

Class Price: $30/Individual or Couple | 6-week class pass: $150

A fun and informative class to learn about breastfeeding/chestfeeding & holistic postpartum healing. This class can be taken while you’re pregnant or postpartum.

Class Length: 75-minutes

Class Price: $150/Individual or Couple

Pregnancy labor and birth prep education for families, partners, and friends

Class Length: 90-minutes

Class Price: $150/Individual or Couple

Holistic evidence-based nutrition information for all ages including teens, athletes and families

Class Price: $100/Individual or Couple

Additional Classes Available:

  • Nutrition for Picky and Problem Feeders
  • Preconception Health & Nutrition
  • Prenatal Nutrition
  • Carseat Safety
  • Maternity Leave Preparation
  • Breast/chestfeeding 101
  • Breastfeeding Multiples
  • Creating Your Birth Plan/Wishes
  • Postpartum Care and Traditions
  • TENS Unit for Labor
  • Pumping 101
  • Newborn Care
  • Starting Solid Foods
  • Infant Sleep
  • Babywearing