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Guiding and encouraging you in your journey through pregnancy, labor, and birth

A doula is professionally trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a family who is expecting, experiencing labor, or has recently given birth

Who considers using a birth doula?
Home birth, birth center, hospital stay
Single parents or dual parents
Vaginal or C-section delivery
VBACs, multiples, high-risk, special needs
Non-medicated or medicated births
Religious practices
Cultural rituals
Virtual doula services

*Discount available for people fostering and adopting, they need doula care too!*

Doula Package

Birth doula services are charged by birth at an agreed upon rate after signing a contract.

Investment: $1,500

I’m available to you at all times via e-mail, phone, or text message

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Package Includes:

  • Three prenatal meetings (birth plan guidance during this time)
  • Prenatal, labor, and postpartum education
  • Nutrition and wellness guidance for you and the family
  • Newborn safety, breastfeeding, and bottle feeding education
  • Recommendations for services within and outside my scope of practice
  • Continuous support during labor and will remain with you for two hours after birth
  • On-call two weeks before and two weeks after estimated due date
  • My doula bag which includes many tools such as aromatherapy during birth
  • Non-pharmacologic pain relief with techniques such as acupressure, light massage, and cool/warm compressions
  • I’m available to you at all times via e-mail, phone, or text message
  • One postpartum visit
First of all, I highly recommend that everyone hire a doula for their birth- they are amazing. Christina was a life saver for us. She met with us several times prior to delivery, helping us come up with a birth plan. During the actual birth of my daughter, she helped provide necessary support for myself and my husband so we could stick to our birth plan. Christina was caring, professional and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. After the birth, she helped us initiate breastfeeding (it’s a major plus that she’s a lactation consultant as well). She also provided help with questions when we got home and provided a post-partum visit. Thanks to Christina, we had the best birthing experience I could imagine. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.
Carty Powers
I was amazed watching this doula in action, and I was so excited she chose me to take photos for her! If anyone is considering a doula, you should contact Christina. She is so knowledgeable, passionate, sweet, thoughtful, selfless, caring, and comforting! I wish I knew her when I had my babies!!
Amber Stradtman Hoecht
Christina is an incredible person to have on your birth or wellness team! She is extremely knowledgeable.
Marissa Peterson
The more I get to know Christina, the more I understand how important everyone’s well being is to her, whether that be emotionally or physically. She is really a one stop shop for a total holistic makeover. She thoroughly enjoys what she does and it radiates from her when she is speaking about all things pregnancy, birth, and nutrition related. Working alongside her is both inspiring and a privilege!
Sarah Gantt