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Childcare savannah

Nurturing care for your child in the comfort of your home


Newborns, toddlers, or a combination:

$20/hr for one | $24/hr for two | $28/hr for three

$4/hr for every additional baby or child

I’m available to you at all times via e-mail, phone, or text message

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Childcare Services Includes:

  • Instilling good manners
  • Age appropriate learning activities and toys
  • None to minimal screen time with your child
  • Indoor and outdoor play
  • Child pick up or drop off
  • Light house cleaning and organization
  • Meal prep and cooking
  • Vacations with family for childcare
  • Accompanying you to appointments or events
From the moment I met Christiana I knew that she had her full heart in all of the work/services that she provides. When she speaks about her clients she shows such passion and support for them. Its been such a pleasure getting to know her and learn from her. She is wonderfully knowledgeable and welcoming!
Dawn Oliver