First of all, I highly recommend that everyone hire a doula for their birth- they are amazing. Christina was a life saver for us. She met with us several times prior to delivery, helping us come up with a birth plan. During the actual birth of my daughter, she helped provide necessary support for myself and my husband so we could stick to our birth plan. Christina was caring, professional and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. After the birth, she helped us initiate breastfeeding (it’s a major plus that she’s a lactation consultant as well). She also provided help with questions when we got home and provided a post-partum visit. Thanks to Christina, we had the best birthing experience I could imagine. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.
Carty P.
I was amazed watching this doula in action, and I was so excited she chose me to take photos for her! If anyone is considering a doula, you should contact Christina. She is so knowledgeable, passionate, sweet, thoughtful, selfless, caring, and comforting! I wish I knew her when I had my babies!!
Amber H.
Christina is an incredible person to have on your birth or wellness team! She is extremely knowledgeable.
Marissa P.
The more I get to know Christina, the more I understand how important everyone’s well being is to her, whether that be emotionally or physically. She is really a one stop shop for a total holistic makeover. She thoroughly enjoys what she does and it radiates from her when she is speaking about all things pregnancy, birth, and nutrition related. Working alongside her is both inspiring and a privilege!
Sarah G.
Christina with Latch onto Health is an amazing caregiver. Her patience and knowledge is unrivaled. She has known my children since they were very little and they absolutely love her. She caters her wellness plans to each individual, and has helped my family eat healthier and smarter. I highly recommend Latch onto Health for anyone looking for a nutritional guide, or anywhere in the pregnancy or postpartum stage of life.
Emma R.
Christina is a very knowledgeable nutritionist, lactation consultant, and doula. I have worked with her and she is always learning more in order to serve her clients better. A+
Dr. Kaleb Scroggin
From the moment I met Christiana I knew that she had her full heart in all of the work/services that she provides. When she speaks about her clients she shows such passion and support for them. Its been such a pleasure getting to know her and learn from her. She is wonderfully knowledgeable and welcoming!
Dawn O.
Christina has been an outstanding support for the births of my two children. She has always been available and eager to offer expert professional advice, specifically on breastfeeding. However, she has also provided great input about infant sleeping and adjustment to Motherhood overall. What I appreciate most is her positive outlook and constant encouragement . I felt her sincere concern even though we mostly communicated via phone calls, texts, and email. With my first child I was so close to giving up on breastfeeding and I prayed for God to help me make it. She was an answered prayer! She has a true passion and gift for nutrition and all baby matters!
Sydney H.
Christina has been extremely helpful to my family during the birth and development of our 2 children. She has consistently offered helpful expert advice regarding breastfeeding and other baby topics. She has been comforting and helped put my wife at ease during stressful times as a mother. She has also given my wife confidence as a mother . We are grateful for her!
Barrington H.
Simply wanted to share that I have known Christina for a while and more recently appreciated her help with a situation with a wonderful new mom simply needing advice on helping her little newborn how to nurse properly and position him for nursing, etc.  Christina was extremely patient, caring and listened to all the needs of this new mom.  She  not only comforted the new mom, yet sent videos and was such a big help.  Being a new mom is not an easy task and just knowing that Christina was there to be such a source of love, encouragement and health – made such a world of difference.   She is a joy.
Robert O.
My husband and I can’t sing enough praises about Christina! When we were new to Savannah and having our first baby we heard from several different families to reach out to Christina about having her come into our home once we brought our baby girl home from the hospital. She spent several nights with us showing us the ropes of new parenthood. Loving on our baby girl. Hearing my anxieties and worries as a new mom. She was so incredible comforting and BeYOND knowledgeable and helpful. She did everything from helping me feed Olivia , nighttime shifts when I needed to rest from the C- Section, breastfeeding support, washing clothes, washed bottles, made snacks. The list goes on and on. We are so blessed to know Christina and she truly did teach us how to Latch Onto Health as new parents , in a new town, with a new baby! We are forever grateful.
Caroline B.
Christina is amazing. I’d recommend her to anyone!
Jessica A.
Dancing for birth class was super fun and educational! Christina is super knowledgeable and easy to work with!
Miljenka M.
As first time expectant parents, we knew that we would value the help of a doula during our delivery. We came across Christina after receiving several recommendations. We knew when we met her that she would be a wonderful addition to our birth team. Her personality is the perfect combination of bubbly and upbeat mixed with calming and reassuring. She was very helpful before baby arrived with giving us techniques to work on and answering all of my questions. Her presence at our birth was just what we needed! Most people that I told that we were having a doula thought it was a bit odd or had never heard of doulas before. Even my parents questioned why one was needed. After my delivery my husband and parents were singing Christina’s praises. I knew I would love having her by my side but having her there made their jobs much easier as well. They were very thankful that she was so helpful in keeping me calm and focused. She even took pictures for us which I loved! She truly helped give me the confidence that I needed going into labor and delivery and she provided the needed support to help me through the natural labor and delivery that I was so hoping for. When people ask me how I managed an induced labor with no pain interventions, I say call Christina!
Christina’s support did not end when our daughter was born. She continued to check in on us and came to the house to help me ease into new motherhood. She has continued to answer my questions and just knowing she is there continues to bring me peace. We have not used her childcare services just yet but I would feel 100% confident in trusting her to care for our daughter.
Catie T.
Christina is exceptional!!! 
My baby girl was born premature at 34 weeks by emergency c section because I was bleeding from placenta previa. As a result, her breathing had to be closely monitored in the NICU for nearly 1 week so she was bottle-fed my colostrum and breast milk.
As a result, I became an expert breast pumper, and tried multiple times in the NICU and at home to latch her on. After multiple failed attempts, I  cried to my cousins who were breastfeeding moms, they led me to YouTube videos and I finally got her to latch on. However, my letdown was heavy and she would cough and choke on the milk. Combining her fits with mommy exhaustion, I gave up and returned to pumping, thinking that my ship had sailed and there was no turning back. After exhaustion set in from the double work of pumping and feeding, I gave in and decided to seek out a lactation consultant. Christina was an answered prayer!
I told her my woes, and I thought she’d say it was impossible for my daughter to return to breastfeeding; however,  she said my troubles with breastfeeding were “easy to overcome”. After some telephone and FaceTime consults, within 2-3 days my daughter was nursing like a pro and looking forward to breastfeeding more than bottle feeding . Christina helped my mommy dream come true, and she helped save me from undue exhaustion. 
Thank you so much, Christina!!! You rock!
Clarissa G.
I cannot imagine having my first child over again without the help and knowledge from Christina.  She is not only well versed in the ever-changing world of Nutrition (with a Masters and years of experience), but she is also down to earth and so incredibly giving.  Christina was our post partum doula and visited my husband, daughter and I in the NICU several times when my water broke at 34 weeks. 
She was a true supporter of everything I wanted to do and gave me the pros and cons.  She was available via text, phone call and email at all hours and was attentive to my questions and knew “the rules of the road” in the hospital, especially the medical terms, vaccinations, “do’s” and “don’ts” and why.  Just like taking driving lessons before driving a car, it is helpful to learn the ropes of the maternity ropes course in small doses instead of all at once! 
Christina helped my husband and I navigate breast feeding and “let-down” with videos and support and she was a great listener, therapist and cheerleader for me!  She helped me BE ABLE to feed my child when most nurses recommended formula; even though my baby was vomiting it. 
Christina helped my husband and I get that thick honey like colostrum needed for strong antibody build up for my baby’ s strong immune system.
I would say I will not have another baby without her! 
JoAnn L.
Christina served as our doula and was well-worth the investment. Her knowledge, advice, and experience was reassuring for us as first time parents. My husband is a researcher so her evidence-based approach was appreciated. 
When our birth turned out differently than we hoped, Christina was right there with us talking us through our options. She even held my hand during my unexpected c-section. My husband says, “it was great having her at the birth. It made me feel not so guilty about shutting my eyes for a quick nap.” 
When baby wouldn’t latch the night we got home from the hospital, she Facetimed us to help and put us in touch with a nearby lactation consultant who came to our house the very next day. 
Hiring Christina as a doula to help us with the birth was great, but her network of related birth-and-baby professionals she has connected us with postpartum has been huge as well.
Briana P.
Luckily, I was able to spend a substantial number of hours interning with Latch onto Health. The past couple months have been full of knowledge and personal growth. With the many wonderful resources Christina has to offer I have been very fortunate with many job opportunities. Before my internship was even complete I had already accepted my first full time job. Christina is awesome and very knowledgeable!
Haley B.
Christina is an absolute angel!!! She started watching my kids when they were 2 years old and 6 months and now that they are 7 and 5 (and we live in different states) we still consider her a huge part of our family! I trusted her with everything from baths, walks, park play dates, school pickup, swim school, etc etc…She is extremely caring, kind, and patient. She is very knowledgeable on nutrition so was able to help me with healthy meal ideas for my picky child. 
Anyone who is lucky enough to have Christina in their life is blessed!!!! We absolutely adore her and I would highly recommend her to any family!
Jennifer W.
Christina is amazing! She has been watching my daughter for almost 2 years now and usually picks her up from school and drives her home or to activities. Christina is reliable, always has a smile on her face and is extremely punctual!  My daughter loves her and often asks if Miss Christina can pick her up from school instead of me. I trust her completely and we are very lucky she is in our lives!
Patty R.
Posting from husbands acct- BUT Christina is so amazing! As a first time mom, she answered so many questions I had and made me feel at ease. She was quick to reply to my questions and even come over when I needed her last minute. She really helped me get the hang of breastfeeding and made my overall experience more comfortable!! I DEF recommend her:)
Jenny D.
Just wanted to say that Coach Christina has been a great help duing my time as a student athlete where she gave us advice to and tools to help us with not only our nutritional health but as well as our sleep habits. She has loan me The Ultimate guid to the Daniel Fast which gave me many new recipes and inspirational scriptures to motive me during fasts. She has also lend me a Himalayan salt lamp to with my sleep schedule. Thank again for your help advice you have given me Coach!!!!!!
Osano S.
I’m very grateful for all the help Christina has been to me.  When she wound up being unavailable to be my doula because of a previously-booked client, she helped me to find one that was available, who was also wonderful.  When I needed to have a second set of hands for a work trip, Christina joined me and my kids and was able to help me navigate a new city and to keep an eye on the young ones while I worked.  She truly is gifted with babies and children and is a joy to be around.
Noelle P.
Christina is amazing! Our kids absolutely love her. She is knowledgeable and incredibly warm and relatable. We are thankful she was placed in our lives and we will continue to recommend her, always.
Rebecca A.
Christina is awesome to work with we have worked side by side at the Savannah Baby Cafe, she is a joy to providers and parents!
Morenike T.
Christina was such a huge support to me in my birthing story! She was available to speak to me from several states away during my birth planning, and she was there for me after my twins were born as a postpartum doula. She was and continues to be a huge support to us and invaluable resource. I can’t recommend her enough. She is compassionate, Charming, soft-spoken, knowledgeable, and beautiful inside and out. If you were looking for a doula for yourself or for a loved one, look no further. You don’t even have to be in the same state to take advantage of her services!
Everlea B.
Christina was a life saver when I hired her to make nutrition plans for me. I needed to lose ten pounds for a boxing match and Coach Christina really came through for me. We walked  through  my kitchen and  I swapped the foods that would hinder me during my workouts and replaced them with better alternatives. Her guidance kept me in peak physical condition while I was training and made me feel full when I was cutting weight. I am definitely hiring her again for my next fight!!!!  
Bobby N.
Christina is awesome! We cannot thank her enough! She was our doula for the birth of our daughter. This was my first birth and I was very nervous. She has such a calming effect which is exactly what I needed. She met with us three times before the birth and even attended a tour of the hospital with me. She is so informative. I was stressed when I was unable to attend a birthing class but Christina was there to give me all the education I needed. She helped prepare me for every step of labor and helped me create my birth plan. And when things did not go as planned, she was right there next to me, reassuring and comforting me. She even stayed and held our daughter so we could get a little rest after the exhausting birth. I feel so fortunate to have had Christina there. My doctor and nurses were also wonderful but they can’t be there every minute of labor. Christina was there the entire time. I am so incredibly grateful to her. So if you are looking for a doula, look no further, she is the best!
Claire A.
I am a breast cancer survivor and there’s no way I could have been able to breastfeed from one breast my miracle baby girl, without Christina’s help. Her passion for supporting and giving comfort is inspiring. Today at my baby almost turning 22 month I am still here breastfeeding my baby with one breast. Thank you Christina I hope your magic to help other in their breastfeeding journey never ends.
Vilma M.
Christina is such a doll!!! I hired her to be my post surgery doula and nanny to my children and she was worth every penny. Very helpful and on top of things I didn’t even think to ask for help on, she was always 2 steps ahead. Very professional yet treated us like family. 
Marissa F.
Christina was truly the peace to my chaos of nerves concerning the birth of my second son! We have grown to love her as a dear friend and supporter. Christina’s confidence put my husband and I at ease as we prepared for a VBAC! If I could do it over again I only wish we hired her sooner in my pregnancy!
Andrea M.

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