With the outside air turning colder, and people spending more time in their homes than ever before, it’s safe to say some of our watch lists are starting to dwindle. Here are some of the best shows and movies on Netflix and Prime Video that feature stories surrounding pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. Grab your popcorn and cozy up to some of these handpicked recommendations.

1. Babies (Netflix)

This Netflix original docuseries explores the first year of life and development of 15 babies worldwide with the help of 36 scientists. It is the perfect blend of scientific research and plain adorable-ness. This heartwarming series focuses on groundbreaking research surrounding a baby’s growth. From documenting milestones such as first steps to investigating what innate knowledge is programmed into brains at birth, ‘Babies’ will warm your heart while fascinating you. With 2 seasons containing 6 episodes that last about an hour each, there’s plenty to learn and “ooh and awe” over.

2. Sex Explained, Episode 5: Childbirth (Netflix)

This is another Netflix original series narrated by the incredible Janelle Monae. This episode of Sex Explained covers the evolution and basics of childbirth, as well as a quick cultural history of midwifery, obstetrics, and medical interventions. It spotlights a variety of personal birth experiences, from unmedicated births to cesarean sections. Mothers and medical professionals speak candidly and directly to the camera, allowing the audience insight and emphasizing that birth is by no means a “one size fits all” experience.

This episode explores the different narratives surrounding childbirth as well as the positive impact of advocacy and empowerment through informed decision making, and mindful care. The 20-minute episode is easy to digest with colorful animated drawings and infographics that hold your attention throughout.

3. The Letdown (Netflix)

The Letdown is a cheeky, award-winning Australian comedy series about the highs and lows of adjusting to parenthood and postpartum life. It follows the main character Audrey and her two-month-old Stevie as they join a local motherhood support group.

This “Mom-Com” features sharp comedy and authentic writing that paints new motherhood in a relatable and realistic way which is often overlooked. It strays away from the staged social media posts, and magazine spreads of glowing babies and well-rested celebrity moms and highlights the messier parts of parenthood. You can laugh and cry along with the main characters and all of their humbling struggles. New moms may find that this hilarious show takes some of the pressure off always needing to “having it together” and allows them space to just “be human.”

4. Call The Midwife (Netflix / Prime Video)

If period dramas are your cup of tea then look no further than BBC’s Call the Midwife. Set in the slums of East London in the 1950s, the show follows new midwife Jenny Lee and her work at a nursing covenant. It is witty, raw, and at times wholesome and heartwarming.

This show tackles difficult topics that were afflicting the post-war society that serves as its backdrop such as poverty, overcrowding, poor air quality, and lack of access to health care. Despite these challenges, the nuns and midwives of the Nonnatus House pursue their life calling daily, bringing healthy babies safely into the world. Call The Midwife has received several awards for its commentary on the social, political, cultural, and economic struggles of its time. With 9 seasons and hour-long episodes, this absorbing series has plenty of binge-worthy content.

5. Baby Mama (Netflix)

Comedians Tina Fey and Amy Poehler costar in this 2008 comedy classic that explores the nuances of their non-traditional pregnancy. Kate, a straight-laced business executive enlists the help of Angie, an irresponsible, underprepared surrogate, and hilarity ensues. Together they navigate birthing classes, less than ideal living situations, and all the effort it takes in preparing to bring a child into the world. While far from realistic, Baby Mama is a lighthearted and irreverent flick perfect for anyone just looking for a good laugh.

6. The Business of Being Born (Prime Video)

This critically acclaimed documentary explores the flaws within the American health care system and the way it treats birth and labor as an emergency cognition instead of a natural occurrence. The Business of Being born explores the history of midwifery and obstetrics, and how some modern-day interventions could be potentially harmful to both mother and baby. The film allows experts to weigh in on the overuse of medical procedures for the sake of saving time and uses evidence-based research and statistics to open the audience’s eyes. It meshes personal experiences with political and scientific insights. Information in The Business of Being Born can be useful to a range of audiences whether you’re pregnant, a parent, a birth professional, or just curious about the history and impact of modern obstetrics. You can stream it for free on Prime Video.