For informed consent, you must receive all information including the benefits, risks, and evidence-based research of a decision, procedure, medication or surgery. Use your B.R.A.I.N(S) to make decisions for pregnancy, birth and beyond! 



How will this help you? How will this help baby/babies? How will this help my family? 


How will it affect me? How will it affect the baby? How will this affect my family and postpartum? What are the chances of needing other interventions as a result of the suggested procedure, medication or surgery? 

Has the provider given me a printout for more information? If a medication was suggested or the procedure/surgery will involve medications, was the manufacturer insert(s) given to you? 

View insert and informed consent information here.


What are all the alternatives? Which one is available first? What is available now or later? What are the medical and non-pharmacological options? 


Your intuition and spirit are meant to protect you. What is your gut saying? How does this make you feel? What decision is best for you and your family? Does this go against your religion or values? 

Do not ignore your gut, especially when it comes to you and your baby. YOU know yourself and you know your baby the best. 

(N)o, (N)othing 

No is a complete sentence. If you are unsure or want to deny something, simply say no. No explanation is needed. You are welcome to give your reasons but it is not necessary. 

Work with a birth worker/birth doula/childbirth educator who can provide resources and research. Another option is to do nothing right now and revisit the conversation at a later time or day. 


Often you will need some time to process information given to you. It would be best to go somewhere comfortable to do this: in a room alone or with a support person, your home or your car. If you hire a birth doula, you can call, text or set up a meeting to go over options. If you have not hired a birth doula, you may want to consider this. Please contact us for virtual or in-person support. 

In this space, you should have privacy and space to make this small or big decision. Some decisions we make in pregnancy and birth can affect us for a lifetime. We shouldn’t make decisions based on fear or lack of information. 

You are wise, you are strong and you are made to do this! 

Take a long deep breath, or a few and give yourself permission to release any emotions and take time to make a decision. Know your patient/birth rights:

Legally no one can force you into a decision and you must have space to make the best decision for you. 


Knowing that you are a unique individual with different needs during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum than others, is an important aspect of your process towards becoming a parent. Follow your intuition and lean into birth support from professionals you can trust, like a doula. We’d love to guide you in this journey!