You may have started to catch on to one of our favorite philosophy’s here at Latch onto Health…

Eat Whole Feel Whole

Eating whole, natural and nourishing foods will help your body function and feel its best. Being plant-based, a routine that is rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, and nuts, is a key component of this philosophy and for good reason.

1. Support Your Gut

A routine that includes fruits and vegetables, including raw, juiced or fermented to name a few, can help increase good bacteria and balance your microbiome. Increasing your fiber intake also helps your body eliminate regularly preventing constipation and the belly aches that come with them!

2. Ease Symptoms of Chronic Illness

From cardiovascular disease to diabetes and cancer, there are scores of studies that have shown switching to a plant-based diet can help manage and in some cases completely reverse the damage. One such study found that a patient’s symptoms from coronary heart disease nearly disappeared within one month of adopting a plant-based eating pattern. (1) Talk about plant power!

3. Glow from Within

A routine full of fresh fruits and vegetables is rich in vitamins and minerals that can protect and improve your skin from the inside out. Mango and papaya contain carotenoids which, when ingested, are stored beneath the skin and help give you that rosy glow you love. Tomatoes are ripe with lycopene, giving them their bright pigment, which helps fend off free radicals and protects your skin against sun damage. (2)

Make the Switch

There are many reasons to make the switch beyond what we covered here. Empower yourself and research more!

Below are a few ways you can incorporate more plant-based ingredients into your daily routine.

  • Switch over to unsweetened almond milk in your tea or oatmeal to cut down on dairy.
  • Make a homemade bean burger instead of a beef burger for an extra boost of nutrition and fiber.
  • Try smashed avocado on toast instead of butter or cream cheese for a dose of healthy fats.

And don’t forget to be adventurous! Have fun trying different preparations, pairings, and ingredients that will make the rainbow of fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, and legumes as eye-catching as they are deliciously satisfying.