The modern world has pushed bras as a necessity for the modern woman. Picking out your first bra is a rite of passage. So is tearing that breast vice off as soon as you get home. Whether you wear a bra daily, for a few hours, or 24/7, there are benefits to ditching your bra that go far beyond comfort.

Sleep Tight

It feels great to take your bra off after a long day. Why? First, you may be wearing an ill-fitting bra. A bra that leaves red marks when you take it off or has an underwire that pokes you does not fit well. A bra that is too tight, akin to any clothing that is too tight, could be affecting your circulation. And if you wear a bra when you sleep? One study found that it could suppress melatonin, messing with your ability to get a full nights rest. (1)

Shape Up

You may think that bras can give you the breast size and shape of our dreams. Some of us may even hail bras for keeping our breasts upright instead of sagging. Fortunately, a French study found that bras do quite the opposite. The 15-year study found that women who went bra-free had perkier, firmer breasts. They believe the chest muscles that support the breast weaken over time because bras take over the heaving lifting. One participant said she felt less back pain while her breathing and posture improved after going bra-free. (2) Talk about motivation.

Breast Health

Better posture and lift, along with stronger chest muscles is a win. But it doesn’t stop there. Going au naturale can facilitate the growth of healthy breast tissue. An increase in healthy breast tissue means larger breasts as well as a lower risk for breast cancer. Another study found that women who went bra-free had the same chances of developing breast cancer as men. The risk is 100 times less than women that wear bras over 18 hours a day. (3) If you think about it, anytime you can go bra-free is a win-win.

Go Green

Though some studies have established a link between wearing a bra and the incidence of breast cancer, this doesn’t mean that wearing a bra causes breast cancer. Genetics and environmental factors also play a part (4). The highlight is that going bra-free will improve your breast health. Keep a selection you love, are comfortable and fit you well because beautiful, well-fitting bras aren’t cheap. Buy quality instead of quantity. Your wallet and your breasts will thank you!

Our Take

Ditch the bra whenever you can. The health benefits can’t be ignored, and neither can the increase in cup size. Celebrate what your mama gave you and free your breasts! You deserve it!