Mother’s day is coming up, and we here at Latch onto Health wanted to spread some love and light to all the mamas out there. Motherhood is a special, spiritual, and oh so rewarding time for mom as she cares for and builds memories with her littles. We have put together a little gift guide to honor all the mothers in our lives. From pampering and prose to a Polaroid, we have a little something for every mama on your list.

Expecting Mothers

A lot of expecting moms take a back seat to their little ones on the way. Let’s put the focus back on mom today with gifts that can support and guide her through this very special time in her life.

Zoe Organics Pregnancy Gift Set

The perfect way to spoil your expecting mom, this set includes a full-size Belly Butter, Belly Oil and Refresh Oil. The Belly Butter and Belly Oil are great for soothing any itchy, inflamed skin due to stretching. The Refresh Oil packs peppermint, ginger and lime essential oils in a roller ball to help calm any morning sickness or refresh mama anytime while she is on-the-go. We love the brand because it uses pure, organic ingredients, follows fair trade practices and is socially responsible helping mamas and mother earth all at once!

MindTheCork Notebook

There are a bunch of books out there to chronicle every stepping-stone of mama’s pregnancy. However, a notebook with empty pages will let mom’s creative spirit run free. From jotting down ideas for the nursery to writing letters to her future cherub, it will be a keepsake unlike any other. Any journal would do, but our pick is gorgeously minimalist and handmade using recycled paper with a soft cork cover.

Float Therapy Certificate

What do you do at a float spa? This isn’t a trick question. You float! The weightless environment provided eliminates the strain on the body and spine due to the added weight of pregnancy. There is also something to be said about floating in a calm and comforting environment, much like a baby in the womb. This gift will be well appreciated, so look into float spas near you for more information.

New Mother

Early motherhood is a lot like rock and roll. She has to rock that baby and roll with the punches. These gifts will remind her to relax, recharge and enjoy these moments because they don’t last long.

Osmia Mama + Baby

Made to nourish, calm and soothe, this set is perfect for mama and her precious little one. Whether she wants to pamper herself or enjoy a soak with her babe, this bath ritual set that includes a luxurious soap, organic milk bath, body oil and lip treatment will help mama relax and enjoy the moment. Founded by an ER doctor who recognized the power of plants, we love this brand because it uses clean, natural ingredients that feed your skin and your senses.

Yoni Egg

Carved out of jade, the yoni egg is a beautiful tool. It can help strengthen your pelvic floor, reduce PMS symptoms and strengthen vaginal muscles for increased sexual pleasure. The list goes on for the many ways you can benefit from this mighty little egg. Seriously, it is the gift that keeps on giving. And, as always, include a little note about mom checking with her practitioner first before use!

Instant Camera

Sure you can upload and print your photos, but there is something special about holding a physical photo that is irreplaceable. An instant camera will help keep mama in the moment, give her a memento, and let her go on enjoying motherhood. From the iconic Polaroid to the new Fujifilm Instax and beyond, no matter which you gift remember to add lots of film!

Mother Dearest

This mama is a pro at all things motherhood, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t use a little extra TLC. These gifts will show her you are thinking of her mind, body and soul!

Calm Skin To Go

This set has mamas in mind as each product packs a powerful punch of organic, plant-based ingredients to keep skin calm, clear and healthy while being small enough to fit in a diaper bag or purse! This set is meant for sensitive skin, but other sets include Vita Active + C and Age Clear. FitGlow is a brand that is focused on evidence-based natural beauty which means each product benefits the skin. From face and lips to lashes, they have everything you need to enhance your skin from the inside out. A definite mama must-have!


30 degrees in 30 seconds? Cryotherapy is heralded as a great way to improve blood circulation, reduce pain and remove toxins from the body. The body’s skin surface temperature is lowered to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, in 30 seconds or less, and maintained for 2-3 minutes. Once the cold stops, it triggers the body’s natural response to increase blood flow and releasing endorphins. The experience and the feel-good rush, as well as the anti-inflammatory benefits, make this an excellent pick. She will also have a great story to tell all her friends! Look for cryotherapy labs by you for specials and packages and include a note to your beloved mom to check with her health practitioner before heading to the deep freeze.

Quality Time

Seasoned mothers know there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. What do they miss out on most? Quality time with loved ones. Gift the time for her to spend with someone else (hello babysitting) or carve that time out for her! The greatest gift is time, though if you want to add another gift we mentioned we are sure she would like that too!

From the team here at Latch onto Health to you, Happy Mother’s Day! We may celebrate our moms every day, but it is nice to have a special day that is really just for you! As always, take a peek at the Resources section of our site for more gift ideas for you and the ones you love.